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Declaration of Consent

I would like to receive information and advice about the products and services offered by Five By Seven Solutions Pvt Ltd (hereinafter referred to as ‘5by7’).

For this purpose, I hereby give my free consent to 5by7, for collection, processing and use of below personal data/information (Personal Information) in accordance with our Privacy Policy:

  1. my name, contact details, personal details, driving license or other identification document, and any other information which may be provided by me;
  2. data about my vehicle (e.g. vehicle configuration, mileage, data from the digital service booklet); and
  3. information about the products purchased and services used (e.g. lease agreements, vehicle configurations stored);

by 5by7 and sharing the same with its Vendors (Mercedes-Benz India Private Limited (MB India), Daimler Financial Services India Private Limited (DFSI), Authorized Dealers of MB India) and Daimler Group Companies.

I understand that the information generally may be used to provide me with products, services and offers by 5by7 and its Vendors tailored to my interests including but not limited to test drives, events, special offers, services (herein referred to as ‘Purpose’). I also understand that for the Purpose, analytical procedures including data profiling, profile building etc. may be used to assess my interests. I also consent to being asked to partake in opinion surveys on products and services of 5by7 and its Vendors.

I further give my consent –

-   to disclosure, transfer and sharing of my information by the Vendors with any third parties for any of the Purposes or for processing in connection with the Purpose.

-   to disclosure of my information to the statutory authorities, government agencies and statutory auditors, which may be demanded or required by them in performance of their statutory duties.

- to checking of my credit score by the Vendors which can be used to provide me the services mentioned under the Purpose.


I understand that the usage and processing of the information for the purposes specified above is based on my consent. I am fully aware that providing consent for collection and processing my aforesaid information is voluntary.

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