The Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Collection

The Mercedes-Benz Collection fuses sentiment, versatility, and timeless design. We created exclusive items for the Mercedes-Benz Collection Store by using more modern and advanced materials and finishes. Integrating the vehicle design and applying our "Sensual Purity" design philosophy is critical in giving our range its distinct look.

Choose your favourite lifestyle collection product from the Mercedes-Benz Collection Store with the precision and flair of the three-pointed star. The store is divided into three sections: Mercedes, Classic, and AMG/Motorsport. With these collectables in your hands, you won't be able to go unnoticed.

The Mercedes-Benz Collection blends our vehicles' signature luxury with superior sportiness for those who have little left to show. And display the best of what makes life more beautiful: emphasised nonchalance.

The new Mercedes-Benz Classic Collection is distinguished by classic lines and high-quality materials, and attention to detail and functionality. Exclusivity in choosing high-quality co-branding partners, such as Heinz Bauer Manufakt and Bric's, is paired with high-quality craftsmanship and several years of expertise in the production of quality goods. These goods, which are ideal for everyday use and timeless in nature, will find many applications among classic car enthusiasts of all ages. Various design features from Mercedes-automotive Benz's legacy are integrated into the product designs.

The Mercedes-AMG Collection is for those who live for success and enjoy driving. The Mercedes-AMG Collection combines various high-quality materials, ranging from sporty, practical items to modern yet timeless accessories. The collection promises individual pieces that make the Mercedes-AMG brand tangible for consumers and fans alike, with excellent attention to detail, perfection, and high quality.

The Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Collection is influenced by the design performance of Formula One cars. It takes them off the racetrack and onto the lane. The style, which is dominated by black and silver, and the collection, which is inspired by high-tech materials, exude uncompromising sportiness.